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MAISON MATUSKA is a curated concept that offers an exquisite blend of vintage and contemporary second-hand clothing. The vintage pieces have been hand-selected for their quality and style, while the contemporary pieces have been chosen for their timeless appeal. Maison Matuska Vintage provides customers with a rare opportunity to create a truly unique look that reflects their personality and style.

Founder Petra Matuska is a visionary who possesses a distinctive sense of style, seamlessly blending Rock 'N' Roll & elegance, masculinity & femininity. Her vintage collection embodies this inimitable style, presenting pieces that are simultaneously edgy and sophisticated.

Alongside the vintage and contemporary second-hand portfolio, Maison Matuska provides bespoke styling services. Petra is deeply passionate about fashion and strives to help individuals develop and refine their personal style. She believes that fashion is a tool for self-expression, and that everyone has a unique style waiting to be unlocked. At Maison Matuska, Petra and her team offer personalised styling services to help individuals create a wardrobe that is timeless & transitional.

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